The End of Zionism in America – Robert David Steele 

Harold Saive | July 23, 2018 Zionism in America – Seven Strikes & Counting Robert David Steele Public Intelligence Blog   Veterans Today Preface: Strikes 1-5 appeared in an earlier article.[1] Numerous requests were received to isolate and extend this itemization of Zionist Strikes that will lead to its eviction from the halls of … Read More

Directed Energy Weapons – Fires – Engineered Floods

Be praying for the people affected by this and the safety of the firefighters. Psalm 46: 1-4 Aircrap Selective destruction, vegetation not burned, melted cars. Videos and photos document a  pattern of “Arson from the Sky” Mayhem worldwide………. By JULIAN ROBINSON FOR MAILONLINE and AFP Ten tourists drowned when a boat … Read More

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