The Predictive Programming of Inevitablism (and other Distractions)

CO | Yvonne Nachtigal “It is only when people think they are not buying something, can the real sales pitch begin.” (Michael Hoffman) As many believers are working to combat the tangible evils in the world through prayer-guided-action, fascinating distractions have others running off every which way (Eph 4:14), from … Read More

Popular Science 1931: First Man in “Space” Reports a Flat Disk | The Enormity of the Globe Deception

The article below comes from the August, 1931 edition of Popular Science Magazine. There’s ample evidence online of the serious problems with both NASA and the globe model, and that there’s a concerted effort underway to promote an occult based, heliocentric cosmology. The question we need to be asking is “why”? I mean, imagine … Read More


Jon Rappaport Note: I’m reprinting a piece I wrote about a year ago. In it, you’ll see a CIA mind-control document that calls for drugs fulfilling certain specific requirements. OPIOIDS SATISFY A NUMBER OF THESE REQUIREMENTS PERFECTLY. “Long ago, I interviewed John Marks, author of Search for the Manchurian Candidate, … Read More

Vegas Shooting: Concert Workers’ Phone-Footage Wiped Clean by FBI

This story (below) carried by Infowars, a known disinformation site, adds to the mounting evidence that these horrible false flag events and UNnatural disasters… murders (even if no one died at the Las Vegas shooting, several people died afterward) are being exposed by the very powers that are responsible for them. Historically, … Read More

Mysterious Strangelets… (Anthony Patch, Quantum Deception & Twain’s Simulation Gospel…)

What about the quantum entanglement that Jim Carey and modern “prophecy experts” are talking about? Should we be afraid that they will eventually be able to completely control our every thought, our very consciousness? Youtuber Truth is Stranger than Fiction explains why this is nonsense. “[If] you think that they actually are … Read More

NASA Plans For 2025 Actual Documents Revealed

SHOCKING NASA DEEP STATE PLANS FOR 2025 DEPOPULATION CULLING ACTUAL DOCUMENTS REVEALED! from Kerry Fritz II on Vimeo. The document itself is startling, though, as are some others I came across in my archives when I was looking for this one. [gview file=””] ( Again, given some technologies the Air Force has … Read More

UPDATED! 4th Floor Muzzle Flashes | Shooters in the Crowd | Evidence of Casualties (videos)

UPDATED 10-7-2017 Here are some videos showing muzzle flashes coming from lower floors of the hotel, rather than the 32nd. Shooter in the crowd? Although it’s becoming increasingly clear that this is another staged, false flag event, “false flag” doesn’t mean nobody got hurt or died. This is some evidence … Read More

Las Vegas “MASSACRE” Examined

Public attention continues to be on the recent Las Vegas event. An event being a “false flag” does not mean that there were no fatalities but they are typically misreported with the story constantly changing. Many, including myself, are scrutinizing this event and its agenda. Following are some excerpts from two Veterans Today articles. … Read More

UPDATE: Health Attack “MYSTERY” in Cuba – Directed Energy Weapons

When you see the mainstream media parroting all the explanations the globalists have been beta testing in the alternative media rabbit hole, you’ll know we’ve reached the climax point. – Ken  UPDATE: 9/29/2017 State Department orders nonessential diplomats and families out of Cuba following mysterious attacks (CNN) The US State Department … Read More

Television: The End of Critical Thought?

Yvonne Nachtigal | Christian Observer | Aug 4, 2017 Why are Americans passively allowing their freedoms to be increasingly compromised? Why are they, citizens of a “free country” submitting to high radiation full body scans without protest just to board an international flight, under the guise of a fabricated “War on … Read More

All Digital TV Broadcast Signal (Silent Sound Mind Control Technology)

Why is it so difficult to reach some people with the truth? Maybe we should consider SSSS, a technology which can be implemented through the HDTV in your own home. This article was written 8 years ago(!) by Gary Rea (from 2009) The mind-altering mechanism is based on a subliminal carrier technology: the Silent … Read More

Television Is A Mind Control Weapon: Watching TV Puts The Brain Into An Alpha State Similar To Hypnosis

By Sam Chaney | WeaponizedNews.Com The two way telescreen from George Orwell’s 1984 allowed Big Brother to both transmit and receive information. Today in 2015, we have those same telescreens being sold to us as Smart Television (SmartTV). In the Samsung Global Privacy Policy – SmartTV Supplement it states, “We collect, use, … Read More

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