Benjamin Freedman: Americans Haven’t Been Free for a Long Time

Above, Benjamin H. Freedman, 82, center, receiving an award in 1972. Benjamin Freedman (1890-1984) was a Jewish insider who warned the goyim that, since 1912, the US has been a pawn in the Zionist Conspiracy for world domination (i.e. world government.)    In WW1, Zionists betrayed Germany who offered a generous … Read More

Secrets of Kabbalah: The Ancient Babylonian Mysticism (Full Documentary)

Following the division of Israel and the Assyrian captivity of the northern tribes, the southern kingdom of Judah adopted the pagan traditions of the heathen nation of ancient Babylon. These traditions, with their associated rituals which included human sacrifice, provoked God to judge the southern kingdom, which judgment the prophet … Read More

Flat Earth: Who Owns The World? Have No Doubt.

Mr. Walter Veith’s accurate, documented presentation clearly revealing who is behind world events. In spite of his futurist interpretation of scripture, there is a wealth of excellent information in this video. I’ll preclude it with excerpts from a comment made by the Youtube user, PearlDiver: …I believe the info about the … Read More

Election 2016 Follows Communist Blueprint

(above, Both Obama and Hillary Clinton were disciples of the Communist Saul Alinsky)  One of Saul Alinsky’s rules for subverting  and conquering a target nation was to “freeze it, personalize it and polarize it.”   “If you read some of the left-leaning writings of people like Saul Alinksy, you understand exactly … Read More

Bella Dodd – The New World Order Is Communism

The war on “terrorism” is designed to transform society into a Communist police state. In 1954, Bella Dodd, a high ranking defector from the US Communist Party, warned us that Illuminati Jewish bankers are behind Communism, and this satanic cult controls the USA. Her book “School of Darkness” requires a revisit. “The objectives of Communism … Read More

Chemtrails: A Christian Perspective

UPDATE* August 2, 2018 In addition to apathy, as I conclude in the video, the dispensational/premillennial interpretation of prophecy was created to gain christian support of the physical state of British Israel and condone the terrorist activities and race hatred of Zionism. Ultimately this will lead to an embracing of … Read More

Was the United States Created to Advance Global Tyranny?

The quotes presented in this article should cause the thinking person to reconsider what they’ve been taught and think they understand about US History as well as the current fascination in the church with Judaism (Hebrew Roots/Harbinger/Shemitah…). Illuminati Created the US to Advance NWO You blind guides. You strain out … Read More

Albert Pike III World Wars

I find it amazing how accurately these words depict what we currently see going on. The manufactured hatred of Islam through CIA funded acts of terrorism and the it’s demonization by the MSM and Christian groups alike. We need to pay closer attention. The media and it’s sway of public … Read More

Lucifer’s MOST Devilish Deception

Excellent work by KJ (Scariest Movie Ever Youtube channel) If you want a good overview of how the occult is at work behind the scenes, check this out. Jesus/Horus & Lucifer’s Devilish Deception (2015) LINKS 1.… 2.… 3.… 4.http://apologetics-notes.comereason.o… 5.… 6.… 7.… All Music by Chris Zabriskie *Theres a Special … Read More

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