Hand Sign Indicates Massive Satanic Conspiracy

Henry Makow Below is a list of political and cultural leaders over more than 500 years whose official portraits show them making a Triad Hand Sign, joining their third and fourth fingers. This is also known as “Triad Claw.” What are the chances that people living centuries apart would make the same Masonic … Read More

Halloween is Satanist Christmas

October 31, 2015 | Richard Evans The Hidden History of Halloween Behind the playful facade, Halloween  celebrates perversion, which is the  real meaning of the occult.  It is “indoctrination into Druid paganism,   witchcraft, and Satanism.” Why are we celebrating one of the holiest days in the satanic calendar? The second “holiest” time is … Read More

Judaism and the Catholic Church

(above) Pope Benedict XVI shares a secret Masonic handshake with Chief Rabbi Lau in Jerusalem. “England before the so-called Reformation period was a superstitious time, with those who objected to the heathen practices of the Roman Catholic Church subjected to all manner of persecution.” – Tony Blizzard Edward Hendrie, author … Read More

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