200 Descend. New York. Mt Hermon. Noah!de 600 Flood. United 70 Nations.

Mt Hermon, right on the border with Syria, where hostilities have been building. Watch this area and New York this week! God bless you all! Jesus is LORD! Hear Him! His peace and grace to you all! Syria moving troops to Israel border?… https://bookofenochreferences.wordpre…… Get Esword: Have … Read More

Making Israel And Saudi Arabia Great – Chuck Baldwin

Yesterday we saw that something is off about the bombing of the Saudi Arabian oil fields, but even Trump haters don’t seem interested in hearing about it. I hope you watched Many Fishes video pointing out the inconsistencies in the official narrative. Here Chuck Baldwin offers some needed perspective. By … Read More

Day of the Dead Barbie: Just in time for the Red Heifer Sacrifice

I haven’t had a chance to post much about this, but there are events that are planned for late this month that we should be paying attention to: I hope you’ll take some time to read the recent posts by Craig Patin for his in depth study on this. … Read More

Dr Brown, the Bible or Talmud?

After listening and writing down statements from the debate that Dr Brown had with a rabbi, I felt I needed to address this question. What book will you defend Dr Brown, the Bible or the Talmud? You cannot serve 2 masters. You must decide.

BIN Article about Arch of Palmyra / New World Order, Idolatry and Quantum Physics Brings More Chaos/Deception

This is a very informative article even though it comes from a site run by Talmudic Zionists. Kabbalah is the source of Talmudic Judaism and virtually all occult religion, yet the author purports to “expose” the occult behind Palmyra and CERN. This also builds on yesterday’s (lengthy) post about Alexander Dugin, … Read More

Beresheet: Sixth Grade Science Project Named After Pooping Bear Fails to Land on Moon

According to NBC News, Beresheet, “an Israeli spacecraft attempting to make history by becoming the first privately funded craft to land on the moon suffered an engine malfunction during its descent and crashed onto the lunar surface.” So, let me get this straight. Some guys built what that looks like a … Read More

Careful of that FEAR! Forced Vaccinations in NY have a Deeper Agenda

Mayor Bill de Blasio just declared a public health emergency in parts of Williamsburg, NY and said that ALL unvaccinated people, 6 months or older, will be required to get an MMR vaccine. (This mandate covers people who live in the ZIP codes of in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood, where more than 250 people have … Read More

Are Freemasons / Zionists Posing as Christian Prophecy Experts/Truthers?

UPDATED 4-1-2019 The Scofield’s Bible has made a massive impact on what is taught in Theological Seminaries and played a major part in the church’s indiscriminate support of the modern day state of Israel. Many of the well known “Christian Truthers and Prophecy Experts” are also outspokenly supportive of Israel. … Read More

Noahide Laws of the AntiChrist & Hebrew Roots || Mini Documentary

This video is a MUST WATCH! Mike very clearly (and without fear mongering) explains how the Hebrew Roots movement was created to condition believers into accepting a world under Jewish-Talmudic Noahide Law. If you’ve noticed a distinct Judaizing in the church and wondered exactly what is going on, this video … Read More

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