D.C. Council Member Warns about Weather Modification – Draws Accusations of “Hate Speech” | Khazarian Jews ARE the Swamp

You’ve probably read about the backlash D.C. Council member Trayon White Sr. received for comments he made about weather modification and the Rothschilds. Here’s a transcript of the video clip below: “Man, it just started snowing out of nowhere this morning, man. Y’all better pay attention to this climate control, … Read More

Paypal Joins Thought Police – Limits My Account

Communists Purging Conservatives from Online Platforms Clearly, the Communists that control the US economy have decided to exclude all those who resist induction into their cult. Yvonne Nachtogal relates how Paypal has cut her off.  It’s against the law to refuse to bake a gay wedding cake but it’s fine to deny Internet services … Read More


Since his disappearance from social media early last year, I keep coming back to the question, as I’m sure many of you have, ‘What happened to Brian Mullin?!” Every so often I do searches for his name, trying to find an update… In a very credible, down-to-earth manner, the flat … Read More

Censorship Is The Death Of Public Dosclosure

Checking the site this morning I saw that Kafka Winston’s new video questioning the Judy Wood / Andrew Johnson interview was gone/censored by Youtube. I found  the video again on Kafka’s backup channel thanks to Youtuber, InTruthByGrace, and posted a new link. In light of all that, here are some important thoughts … Read More

Vegas Shooting: Concert Workers’ Phone-Footage Wiped Clean by FBI

This story (below) carried by Infowars, a known disinformation site, adds to the mounting evidence that these horrible false flag events and UNnatural disasters… murders (even if no one died at the Las Vegas shooting, several people died afterward) are being exposed by the very powers that are responsible for them. Historically, … Read More

CENSORSHIP? or WORSE? Flat Earther/Youtuber Brian Mullin’s Youtube, Facebook, Twitter accounts Scrubbed

Brian Mullin speaks articulately, humbly and in earnest about his disillusionment over the heliocentric model (the globe), using engineering models to prove/disprove it. As of earlier this summer, his Youtube, Facebook and Twitter accounts have been removed. I found his playlist, “Ball’s Out Physics”, mirrored by Youtuber, 7th Day Truth Seeker, and … Read More

This Is Not Going To End Well

by Chuck Baldwin People who voted for Donald Trump were voting for change. For that matter, that’s what the people who voted for Barack Obama were voting for in 2008. But Obama changed nothing, and it looks like Trump won’t either. At least not the things that really matter. Trump … Read More

Whistle Blower Udo Ulfkotte – Dead at 56

UPDATED 1-17-17 Whistle blower, journalist Udo Ulfkotte “suffered a heart attack” and died on Friday, January 13th. May God comfort his family. I’ve watched this happen for years now to people who dare to speak out, and I always wonder; How many times will we read about this kind of … Read More

Here’s Why “Fake News” Sites Are Dangerous

The humiliated mainstream media has recently waged war on what it is calling “Fake News”. – So why is “Fake News” so dangerous? – By Jon Rappoport – Here is your daily mantra: “narrow the range of thought, narrow the range of thought.” Exposing elites who run the world? Exposing pedophile networks? … Read More

MENTALLY ILL AMERICA: The 10 delusional demands of political correctness

The 10 delusional demands of political correctness  you are required to accept, despite the contradictory evidence witnessed with your own eyes (NaturalNews) Political correctness, at its core, is an insidious demand that you dismiss the evidence you witness with your own eyes, replacing it with delusional, false narratives that have … Read More

Chemtrail Video Producer’s “Dream” – (Voice to Skull?) One Month Before Near Fatal Car Accident

Doug Diamond is the producer of the Chemtrail awareness DVD that contains my video “Chemtrails a Christian Perspective.” This is his interview with Dr Rima about a dream he had on March 11, 2016, one month, to the day, before his car “accident” on April 11th in which he was severely … Read More

Portland School Board Bans Literature Denying Climate Change

Activist Post | By Joseph Jankowski There will be no more discussion as to whether or not humans are contributing to climate change in the Portland, Oregon public school system, as the school board plans to ban all material that denies the existence of man-made climate change. Although the topic is still … Read More

Some Real Costs of the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Nearly Half a Million Jobs Lost in the US Alone

Information Clearing House By Jomo Kwame Sundaram March 01, 2016 “Information Clearing House” – “NC” – The Trans-Pacifc Partnership (TPP) Agreement, recently agreed to by twelve Pacifc Rim countries led by the United States,1 promises to ease many restrictions on cross-border transactions and harmonize regulations. Proponents of the agreement have claimed … Read More

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