Are the 7 Mountains in Trouble?

So I’ve been watching NAR “prophet” Kent Christmas responding to the “election” coverage over the past couple of days. On the 5th, he boldly prophesied that Donald Trump would win, then backpedaled yesterday (the 7th) in response to media announcements of Biden’s victory. He stuck to his guns, saying that … Read More

Post Election Day Thoughts

A quiet tension is hanging in the air in the wake of election day as the masses walk around proudly donning their “I voted” stickers. Do you feel it? I can’t help but wonder how long they’ll keep up their “counting” charade. “Voting is a privilege” One pastor commented on … Read More

Near Death Experiences & The Spirit of Our Age | Dr Deep State

Last week I was invited to talk with my dear friend Dr. Doug Haugen, aka Dr Deep State, about my near death experience and how it opened my eyes to the literal darkness that works behind the scenes in this world, which resulted in the launch this website and my … Read More

Storm Fishers – Pilot Episode

I’m pleased to introduce a new Youtube channel: Storm Fishers. Storm Fishers is an online fellowship in which we discuss questions that are on many minds and hearts today, as well as personal testimonies. We explore the issues humbly – no one claiming to have all the answers. It occurred … Read More

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